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Birthdate:Sep 21
Location:New York (Alternate Universe), New York, United States of America
[This is an RP journal. This is NOT a real person]

Permissions || Abilities, Skills, Weapons & Weaknesses || Played NPC’s

Basic Mun Information
Name: Kat
Age: 25+ (Please be at least 21)
Preferred method of RP: On Dreamwidth via entries or private messages (others up for discussion).

Basic Character Information
Name: Eva Daniels
Age: 25
Canon: Original
Universe: Present & Alternate
Occupation: FBI Agent
Permanent Home: NYC / Manhattan (Alternate universe so many ‘places’ probably made up)
Appearance: See above photos.
Five foot eight, slender but well-toned muscles. Layered black hair, with hints of natural dark red highlights. Oval face, large almond shaped eyes and thick lashes with chocolate irises. Skin tone is a light tan color, as if she spends just the right amount of time in the sun. A thin jagged scar begins at the base of her chin and works its way upward at an angle, crossing through her lower and upper lip and ending just shy of her left nostril. Usually dressed in fitting black pants, (varied color) tank top and short leather jacket.
She also always has a scythe dagger strapped to each thigh (image linked above).
Species: Shapeshifter / Lycan / Wolf
Bad habits:
Drinks way too much coffee
Swears like a sailor when pissed
Bites her lip when thinking too hard
Doesn't say "Thank you" when someone holds the door open for her
Drives like an asshole
Does the occasional wolfsbane to 'escape' reality (may have gotten addicted to the stuff when kidnapped, doesn't talk about it often)
Five random facts about your muse:
1. Is the daughter of the Alpha of her pack, who was disappointed she wasn’t a boy, and never lets her forget it. Hence her very tom-boyish ways.
2. She never talks about how she got her scar. Ever.
3. She was kidnapped by an enemy pack and tortured for information on her father’s pack. Took four days for her father’s men to find her and rip her captors to pieces. No, that is not how she got the scar but this haunts her just as much. It’s why she learned to fight and use more than her innate lycan abilities.
4. Unable to support her father’s “business” of money laundering, gambling and procurement of illegal substances… She set off on her own and joined the ‘special’ branch of the FBI that deals in the supernatural and paranormal (PBI). It’s no surprise she often comes across her father on random cases.
5. At twenty-five she is one of the younger agents on the team but lost her naivety long ago. She is quick to anger, but like a fuse it burns hot and fast and then it’s over.

Detailed information here.
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